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Apple launches independent iPhone repair program

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Apple is expanding its support for third-party iPhone repairs to independent businesses, in addition to Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). The announcement comes after Apple started displaying a warning when a third-party iPhone battery replacement is detected.

Meaning, the next time you drop and shatter your iPhone screen, the cellphone repair store in your local mall just might be using the same parts and tools as an Apple Store to repair your iPhone.

The independent repair provider program will provide access to genuine Apple parts, training, manuals, and tools as long as the repair business has an Apple-certified technician who can perform the repairs.

Businesses can apply to join the Independent Repair Provider Program on Apple’s website. Once approved, there is no cost for the training or the exam to become an Apple-certified technician.

The new program will expand the availability of genuine Apple replacement parts and repair shops. However, the cost of genuine parts is higher than grey market parts that these same smaller shops currently use. I’m willing to pay more to have a genuine Apple battery or display used when repairing my phone, just for the peace of mind, but it’ll be interesting to see how repair businesses who sign up for the program position what will surely be higher prices to their customers.

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