Home / Andrew Garfield says Tom Holland was 'jealous' of his Spider-Man suit because Holland 'had to use his nose' to work his phone / AVvXsEiRkbXanW7HAkLh6p-TUk0Rp_9v1mwv5DmRionVtIUFp3k_z-0jz0rZ3qiwgkjnA0skmQEsg5kF5UyMlrlwAugsEw6-8E20HX0vTthMlQ71HbekRqKhc8YrOhE6wBAzlGoWnxp4Ohh-cf9Yy617XAMFFisdt35kO_T-PbLhRPuFejuW0H3c21OltZ3XNgw320-h240


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