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8K TVs, Insane Soundbars, Modular Laptops: Who Won CES 2019?

8K TVs, Insane Soundbars, Modular Laptops: Who Won CES 2019?

CES 2019: LG unveiled a rollable TV at the Las Vegas tech fair that will go on sale this year

CES 2019 has come and gone and with it have several exciting announcements. Our in-house audio and TV enthusiast Ali Pardiwala joins host Pranay Parab to talk about the best technologies that were showcased at CES 2019. We begin by talking about the TV side of things. A bunch of companies launched new TVs and that includes huge 219-inch TVs too. We talk about how many of these TVs are likely to make it to India and what’s great about the new wave of launches. We look at what it says about the future of the TV industry. We then talk about the CES 2019 wave of audio products. Here we mention some really cool soundbars from companies that are not usually known to make speakers and wonder whether we’ll see more affordable options in the market anytime soon. The next part is where we talk about cool laptops and foldable phones launched at CES 2019.

In the second half of this episode we discuss the new Mi TV 4X Pro and the Mi TV 4A Pro launched by Xiaomi. The price in India of the Mi TV 4X Pro and Mi TV 4A Pro make them very appealing for a lot of people, and we talk about how these prices can be so low. This is where we discuss the privacy implications of using a smart TV over a dumb TV and offer some practical solutions to keep your data safe. Finally, we discuss the launch of the Mi Soundbar and whether it could shake up the speaker market and what people can expect from a soundbar priced this low.

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